My Go-To Lens for Travel

Lately, I’ve been more drawn to travel photography and all of the adventures and experiences that come with it. Not too long ago I sold the few lenses I had and left myself with the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. To be honest, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my collection because I bought the lenses based on reviews, not really thinking about how these lenses would fit into my photography direction. As expected, those lenses sat waiting to be sold on eBay.

I kept the 50mm 1.8 because it’s a standard lens and can be used for all types of photography. For this reason, my 50mm isn’t just my go-to travel lens because it’s the only one I have but because I actually prefer it for my travel photography. That’s not to say that I don’t plan to invest in more lenses because the 50mm does have a few limitations that I will discuss in another blog. However, it has presented me with challenges that make me think more creatively about my art. At the same time, it’s convenient in a lot of instances as well.


This image was taken while I was vacationing in the Bahamas using my 50mm lens. As you can see, the 50mm is perfectly capable of photographing a nice landscape even without it being a wide-angle lens. Some photographers may feel that their landscape photos could be more effective with a wider lens that emphasizes scenery but for me, this is enough.

man downtown 2

At the same time, this is an old photo I took while Downtown Chicago of a man using my 50mm. I love creating more intimate pictures when exploring areas, and I think that those intimate moments are sometimes necessary for travel.

The 50mm really lives up to its name and it is a lens that I’m confident to take on my travel journies. My decision in this lens has a lot to do with the fact that when I’m traveling, I’m never looking for any particular subject to shoot, rather anything that calls to me. For me, that means that I need a powerhouse lens that won’t limit me to the point where I feel like I can only make great images of certain subjects.

Why a Prime Lens vs a Zoom lens?

It may make more sense to take a zoom lens on a trip such as the 24-70mm F/2. Truthfully, I’m an advocate for prime lenses and really love how involved I have to be with getting the shot successfully. I personally feel like prime lenses make me a better photographer and a prime lens was my first investment. I do plan to venture out into the world of zoom lenses but not without proper research first.

What lens do you prefer for travel?