A Super Quick Chat

Coming to Starbucks has become a bit of a routine for me lately. The first reason was for me to have a nice quiet place to work in the morning. But as I sit here at 11:34am on a busy Sunday, I realize the small act of getting out of the house is what I appreciate the most.


Sitting by the big open window provides me with well-needed sunshine and seeing different faces come in and out of the coffee shop inspires me to continue to explore the world around me and connect with new people.

This blog post isn’t really about anything in particular. I’m just dropping in because I realize I haven’t posted in a couple of days. But, I’m currently in the works of a few new blog posts that may or may not be posted later today.

Sunday, for me, is all about renewal and it is when I’m most inspired to lay the foundation of my creations. I can’t say enough how excited I am to connect back with my blog. It truly is a great platform to share my photography and the thoughts that fuel it.

With that said, I better stop rambling and get back to it. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. Feed yourself nutritious meals today, read a book, watch a movie, do some yoga, etc. Recharge yourself today.