Update: Travel & Photography

Photo from Art Show | Collide 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but with my art show accomplished and graduation in just 15 short days, things are starting to wind down on my end, which makes me excited for the future of my blog and photography. I’ve always had concrete plans for my future and the direction I’m headed with my art, but I always found it difficult to manage my time to really invest in it. With that said, I’m excited to roll out some new things moving forward.

As I said before, I’m preparing to go out of town at the end of May. My goal is to travel through Atlanta and Orlando and start pitching ideas to companies, building networks, etc. As I’m preparing to move away from Chicago, I thought this would be a good place to start.

I’m not 100% certain on either business environment and what it takes to actually gain clients so I figured I dive into it and see what happens. I still have loose ends to tie up in Chicago but I’m flexible in terms of working with clients all over. I’m also interested in creating a photo challenge for myself while I’m away. I embrace photo challenges because it gives me the opportunity to shoot things I wouldn’t on a regular day and it just continues to help me strengthen my eye. So if anyone has any suggestions comment below.

Travel plans aside, I’ve been thinking more about my photography and the direction I’m headed visually. I honestly can’t speak much on this at this point but I do know that I want to focus more on portraits and the black experience collectively. I also know that I would like to work in advertisement. So I’ve been thinking more about how I can combine these two to create more satisfying work. I’m excited to experiment in this area though and I’ll definitely be sharing photos here.

I have another post coming really soon on my new clothing/shoe finds that I’m excited to photograph, as well as, a look at some new photography gear that I’m interested in purchasing. Comment below if you have any interesting photo challenges I could try!