Letting Go To Recharge


Lately, I’ve been really feeling it in terms of stress. The idea that you’ve lost control of your life can be overwhelming, to say the least. While I know that this is just a momentary feeling, it still sucks to not feel in control. But at this moment, no matter what I am going through, I realize that I will forever be in control of how I respond to life, and it is in that response that determines what happens next.

So instead of allowing myself to be frustrated (which does absolutely nothing), I decided to just let go. I spent the day unwinding, reflecting, and being conscious of my thoughts.


I stayed off my phone as much as possible, I left my laptop, which I’m religiously checking for client emails, and I even put my camera to rest for the day. I used my phone only to take these two photographs in this post. But you know what? It was refreshing. I realize that a lot of my frustration and this feeling of being out of control is really only a result of the tiring routine that I’ve created for myself. As nice as it is to feel like you’re grinding hard, at some point it becomes counterproductive, We need rest to recharge and to become centered again. I’m working on giving myself more breaks throughout the day because my mental, physical, and emotional health are so important.

As I wrap up this post, I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of my day in a state of relaxation. I’m going to make me a cup of coffee with exactly 3 creams, 4 equals, and a shot of hazelnut (yum). Then, I’m going to listen to some music on pandora while I hang up some of my photo prints around my room. I also plan to look up some homes in Atlanta on Zillow (because who doesn’t love looking up homes they can’t afford?). Lastly, I’m going to end my day binging Riverdale on Netflix. Until next time!