Quick Words About Life + Art

It’s 32 degrees and slightly rainy here today in Chicago. While that isn’t surprising considering that it’s wintertime, I can’t help but crave an environment a lot warmer today.

I’m a winter baby but I am by no means attached to the winter season and everything that comes with it. I prefer sunshine, outdoor activities, patio-eating, and nature that thrives throughout all 4 seasons.

The two photographs above are part of a small photo series I did when I visited the Bahamas. I spent a couple of days on an island called Grand Cay and thinking back to it, it still amazes me the way in which others experience life.

With that said, it has made me increasingly overwhelmed with American life, especially as a Black woman. To this day, Black women are misrepresented, misunderstood, and undervalued. The weight of this reality is tiring and then some. But visiting other countries is a wake-up call for me that not every place puts Black women in this position, and that to venture this world to gain a new perspective is important.

A lot of what I want to do and achieve as a photographer is tied to my experience as a Black person. Though I haven’t always realized it, my desire to find and create stories in the world (to tell my story even) is in some ways tied to my belief system that there is more out there for me. That I deserve more. I deserve to be heard, to explore this world and that I can find myself through my art.

For instance, I was drawn to the photographs above because it represents the internal peace that I seek. The photographs feel empty but at the same time is rooted in nature. It’s a sweet escape from hardship, an escape from the experiences we want to forget, and the isolation makes room for personal growth and development.

But I digress. Today I’m going to focus on taking some time for me while mapping out/ working through a few ideas for a photo series that I’m creating. Until next time.