When in Doubt, Travel


Ok, so if you read my previous post from earlier, you know that I’ve enjoyed my cup of coffee and spent some time on Zillow searching for my Atlanta dream home (click the link to see my dream mansion), but I also said that I was putting my computer/phone down for the day. However, I couldn’t resist giving you all another blog post since I’ve been MIA.

In a sense I kind of owe it to you guys lol but anyway I was thinking about my favorite places to travel and how I am also in desperate need of a vacation. Let me first say that I love extended vacations, as well as, those mini-vacations that are just an hour away. For me, it’s more about the ability to experience something new and breaking out of my normal routine.

With that said, vacationing in itself has become somewhat of a routine. I’m always looking for a new place to go that I haven’t experienced before. Of course, a big chunk of my trips is driven by my desire to capture more with my camera. The photographer in me can never go anywhere without it. But, I would say that trips also help steer my photography direction. The more I experience life, the more I learn about life and how what I experience relates to me.

I was planning to go out of town but that, unfortunately, fell through. That doesn’t mean that I’m not excited to plan my next one though, which is why I’m going to be creating some great content for all my fellow travelers. Anything from finding the best deals, places that I’ve been, and places that I want to go.

Now, it’s time for me to stick to my commitment by packing my computer up and enjoying a little R&R.