Hello, Hi, & Welcome

A wooded area in Georgia

I know the struggle of starting and restarting to “get things right”. I also know the struggle of living inside my own head and stifling my growth as a result.

Sometimes a reset is good, if not necessary. Other times, this need to restart is a result of your negative self telling you that you’re not good enough.

I am, in fact, restarting my blog. With that said, I recognize that I have been living in my own head. But this renewed blog isn’t really a result of my negative self creeping up, rather me realizing that the direction I thought I wanted to go with this blog isn’t the case anymore.

Therefore, starting over is necessary for me. To be honest, when I started this blog I became so overwhelmed with what made a blog successful that I felt forced to fit inside a mold. Even then, I couldn’t fit. I wasn’t satisfied with what I was creating, which has led to posting inconsistency.

Now, this blog is what it is. I’m a photographer that is learning and growing in the world. I am here to share photographs and personal thoughts that may make me feel vulnerable at times. I don’t have life figured out and my life may not even be all that interesting. But my words are raw and it is what I strive for my photographs to exude. Welcome.